Double glass reactor introduction

- Feb 27, 2018-

Double glass reactor introduction

The Jacketed Reactor is designed with double layers of glass; the internal layer has a reactive solvent for stirring reactions, while the interlayer can realize cyclic heating or cooling reactions with different cold and heat sources (refrigerating fluid, hot water or hot oil). It is used to carry out stirring reactions in the airtight glass reactor under normal pressure or negative pressure based on the utilization requirements of the set constant pressure, and can be used for the backflow and distillation of reaction solutions. It is the ideal pre-production and production equipment for modern fine chemical plants, bio-pharmaceuticals and new material synthesis.

Operation Principle of Jacketed Reactor:

A thermostatic (high temperature or low temperature) thermosol medium or cooling medium is injected into the interlayer of the Jacketed Reactor for the constant heating or cooling of the materials, as well as constant stirring. The materials react in the reactor and the controlled evaporation and backflow of the reaction solution. They are then discharged from the outlet at the bottom of the reactor after the reaction is complete, for added convenience. It is an ideal piece of equipment used for modern chemical samples, pilot-scale sample experiments, bio-pharmaceuticals and new material synthesis. It can be used to carry out high temperature reactions (configuring the corresponding circular oil bath pan with a maximum temperature of 300℃) or low temperature reactions (configuring the corresponding low temperature refrigerating fluid cycling system with a minimum temperature of -80℃). A vacuum can be formed in the interlayer to carry out vacuum reactions, and its unique design makes experiments safer and more convenient.

Main Characteristics of the Jacketed Reactor

1. Frequency control and AC induction motor: with constant rotation speed, no contact and no spark, it is safe, stable and capable of operating continuously.

2. The complete set of glass apparatus is produced with G3.3 high borosilicate glass, which has favorable chemical and physical properties.

3. The glass interlayer can carry out heating reactions when the interface is injected with hot oil and cycled, and it can carry out low temperature reactions when the interface is injected with refrigerating liquid.

4. Able to carry out reactions under normal temperatures, with the reaction heat dissipated quickly after being channeled through tap water.

5. The lower discharge outlet has a flange joint and a PTFE valve; the outlet is easily dismantled for the discharge of materials, and there are no blinds corners inside the container.

6. Four-mouth reactor cover: the extra-large mouth is convenient for cleaning, while the standard mouth socket can be used for the assembly of the backflow and distillation synthesis device.

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