Do you need a low temperature cooling water circulation pump in winter?

- Dec 26, 2018-

First, the low-temperature cooling water circulation pump is described as a low-temperature cooling circulation pump, a low-temperature coolant circulation pump, and a cryopump. Mainly provide constant temperature and cold environment for experimental or production environments. Ensure a continuous low temperature environment.
The lowest temperature in the northern winter (outdoor) is around -30% °C. It is impossible to move the experimental scene outside the house! The room temperature is above 10 °C. If the current peripheral temperature is good enough to meet the experimental environment or you can consider not using a cryopump, it is recommended to use a coolant circulation pump to provide a constant temperature environment for data accuracy.
The water in the cooling "water" circulation pump is the circulating medium in the circulation pump and is not limited to the "water" medium. The test temperature is limited to normal temperature ~ 0 ° C; if lower environment 0 ° C ~ -115 ° C is required to use ethylene glycol or its solution as a low temperature circulating pump cooling medium.