Composition, usage and principle of all-glass short-range distillation

- Oct 17, 2017-

All-glass short-range distillation is mainly composed of a round bottom distillation flask and a serpentine condensation tube, which is formed by grinding sand, at the time of operation, the mixture of different boiling points is gradually evaporated in the distillation flask by distillation, and the generated vapor is continuously removed and cooled in the condensation tube to achieve the separation and purification.

Before using a full glass short-range distillation, the instrument needs to be washed and fixed with a iron frame, and a asbestos net should be added if the bottom of the flask is heated by a gas or electric stove; note that the liquid in the flask is not more than 2/3 of the volume of the bottle.

The cooling water source should be connected before distillation, the cooling water source should be formed convection from the lower nozzle into the upper nozzle, so that the condensation effect can be improved, and the condensation tube cools into the receiving bottle to achieve the separation or purification. In the process, should pay attention to the full glass short range distillation installation angle appropriate, do not in the case of angular deviation of the rigid loading and tear, otherwise very easy to damage the instrument.