Common problems and solutions for double glass reactors

- Feb 11, 2018-

Common problems and solutions for double glass reactors

The Double-layer Glass Reactor is an ideal piece of equipment used for modern chemical sample and pilot-scale sample experiments, bio-pharmaceuticals and new material synthesis. With the demand of the majority of users, the requirements for our Double-layer Glass Reactor are becoming higher and higher, and the user should be familiar with some points of concern before using it.

Troubleshooting methods for common faults in the reaction still: the four most frequent faults and corresponding troubleshooting methods for the magnetic reaction still are as follows:

Fault one: there is a grinding sound emanating from the magnetic stirrer.

Cause: the grinding interval between the axle sleeve and the bearing is too large, resulting in the swinging of the internal magnetic steel during its movement.

Troubleshooting: replace the axle sleeve or bearing as per the original model and size.

Fault two: the external magnetic steel rotates while the internal magnetic steel does not, and the electric current of the motor is reduced.

Cause: the temperature is too high or the cooling water circulation is blocked, or the internal magnetic steel is demagnetized due to high temperature or has become hydrogenated, or the magnetic steel has been damaged by hydrogen and the internal magnetic steel has expanded.

Troubleshooting: notify our factory to replace the internal magnetic steel.

Fault three: leakage is found from the feeding valve at the bottom of the reaction still.

Cause: the sealing surface of the valve is damaged.

Troubleshooting: replace the valve rod.

Fault four: leakage is found on the sealing surface.

Cause: the bolt is loose and the sealing gasket is out of shape.

Troubleshooting: tighten the bolt and replace the seal in case of failure.

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