Basic requirements for the separation of substances that are difficult to separate by molecular distillation

- Jun 04, 2019-

1. The production capacity should be large. That is, the processing capacity of the material per unit time on the cross section of the unit tower is large. Under the large gas-liquid flow rate, it is still unknown that a large amount of mist entrainment, liquid interception or flooding may cause normal operation.
2. High separation efficiency. That is, the gas and liquid phases can be contacted and separated well.
3. The operation is flexible. That is, it has strong adaptability and a wide operating range. It can adapt to materials of different properties and maintain stable operation when the load fluctuates, and still has high separation efficiency.
4, the pressure drop is small. That is, when the fluid passes through, the resistance is small, which can greatly save the power consumption of the production and reduce the cost. If the pressure drop is too large in the vacuum tower, the system does not maintain the vacuum.

5, the structure is simple, less consumables, easy to manufacture and install, which can reduce investment and reduce costs.
6, corrosion resistance is not easy to block, easy to operate, adjust and repair.