Automated performance of short-range molecular distiller

- May 31, 2019-

The short-range molecular distiller has beautiful appearance and convenient operation. It adopts microcomputer for process control, and has functions such as automatic distillation control, automatic watering, automatic water level control, automatic water stop and water pressure low alarm. Its function is that the tap water enters the steam generator through the condenser and the voltage regulator to generate a continuous and stable vapor, and the digested sample is distilled, and the protein content of the sample is calculated by titration.
Distillation is a common and important pre-treatment step in water quality testing experiments. The traditional distillation equipment, its heating, distillation, condensation, receiving parts and other division of labor, the operation is cumbersome, low efficiency; and due to the lack of distillation end point control, often lead to distillation failure, affecting work efficiency, and open fire to heat the explosive bottle, the operation is dangerous .
The fully automatic short-range molecular distiller is mainly composed of a heating device, a distillation device, a cooling water device and a receiving device. The heating device is provided with a heating rate control function; the heating temperature and the heating efficiency can be controlled; the distillation efficiency is high, the condensation effect is good; The device is equipped with a cooling temperature display and control function to ensure the cooling effect; the receiving device is equipped with a distillation end point detection and an automatic stop heating function to realize automatic heating control.