Antifreeze insulation measures for laboratory instruments in winter

- Dec 21, 2018-

Antifreeze insulation method of experimental instruments:
1. Keep warm with the insulation materials, that is, use the insulation data to wrap the parts of the instrument that are easy to freeze or freeze. When winter comes, it is necessary to check frequently and often discharge the dirt to avoid damage to the insulation data of the package.
2, heating method steam heating method: that is, the use of tube steam heating insulation. Before the winter heat supply steam, check whether the steam insulation pipe is dredged or blocked. The best steam is 24 hours. Don't be too hot. Sometimes you need to adjust the steam supply according to the climate change to avoid the temperature being too high. The vaporization of the condensate in the pressure tube of the transmitter will affect the operation of the transmitter or the temperature. Too low causes the condensate in the transmitter's pressure tube to freeze, which affects the operation of the transmitter.
3. Insulation maintenance box method:
a. The electric heating tube thermal insulation box is composed of three parts: the box body, the heater and the outer surface bracket. The construction method is the same as that of the maintenance box. The difference is that the box is equipped with electric heating equipment, and the heating equipment is composed of The electric heating tube and the temperature controller are arranged, and the side of the box body is provided with a socket. When the power is turned on and the box is heated to the required temperature, the temperature controller is turned on to continue the heating. After repeated operations, the temperature inside the box can be kept within a certain range.
The main parameters of its constant temperature heater:
(1), rated voltage 200V.50Hz; (2), rated power 300 ~ 500W; (3), control temperature can be customized by the user; (4), constant temperature heater can also be made explosion-proof; (5), there are three types of electric heating tube: copper tube, carbon Steel pipe, stainless steel pipe.
b. Steam tube heat insulation box, the heat pipe is made of metal tube S-shaped structure. The upper and lower sides of the box are welded with the welded plate joint and the heat pipe. The heat pipe is installed in the box for progress, and the steam is passed. The circulation within the lumen reaches the heating intent. The heat tracing tube data is generally divided into two types, namely, a copper tube and a seamless steel tube (carbon steel).
c. Add a layer of insulation cotton to the key case and add glue seal at the door of the incubator and the inlet and outlet ports to achieve better insulation and antifreeze effect.