American innovative wheel drying equipment

- Apr 23, 2019-

Meikui Asia has announced an innovative drying system that uses a new design of wheel drying equipment and a unique airflow layout that not only saves space for PET resin processors, but also reduces maintenance costs and energy consumption. The feed rate and characteristic changes of the dried material are adaptively adjusted to ensure consistent performance.

Key components of the Intelli PET system include: a dehumidification wheel dryer similar to the USVN NovaWheel drying unit, a two-zone drying hopper, an electric heater or a thermal efficiency up to 90% gas heater, a cyclone Separator, an optional self-cleaning "pulse" dust collector. In contrast, the same type of wheeled PET drying equipment has one more drying circuit centered on the hot air drying equipment. In addition, there are two cyclones, two dust collectors (requires regular update of the dust bag), and Two inefficient gas heaters. Drying equipment

The Intelli PET drying system is highly efficient and simple in construction. One of the key factors is the recycling of heat from the hopper back to the drying equipment. The air is filtered in the drying equipment and then enters the blower. After passing through the blower, it is divided into two channels that are close to the same airflow. After the airflow is cooled, it passes through the dehumidification wheel and is reheated before entering the lower part of the hopper. The other airflow maintains its original high temperature and requires little reheating before entering the upper part of the hopper, thus reducing energy consumption. Drying equipment

 Intelli PET drying equipment is controlled with a color touch screen and also reduces energy consumption. The control system tracks the temperature readings and airflow speeds of 11 carefully placed thermocouple sensors, automatically optimizing them without manual intervention.